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Insects are responsible for a huge damage to growing crops through feeding insects into the plant, which eats leaves or burrows in stems, fruit, or roots and indirectly damage the crop by transmitting bacterial, viral or fungal infection into a crop.
Fungi are one of the major cause of crop loss worldwide. Tulipoffers a number of Fungicide products to for plant protection from various fungi.
Herbicides are chemicals that put an end to weeds and stop them from growing again. Weeds are unwanted and sometimes problematic plants that grow with crops and hinder their growth. Tulip has a range of herbicides highly capable of eradicating weeds and preventing their re-growth, without much human labor.
PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) are one of many important inputs for the success of green revolution. PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) provide crops with sufficient quantity of essential, major and micro nutrients, combined with beneficial enzymes (Gibbrellins, Cytokinins, Oxyzines etc.).
Regarding agricultural bioproducts, these are used in fertilization, plant growth stimulation or biological control, and their active ingredients can be plants, algae, extracts, microorganisms or active metabolites.We are an acclaimed entity, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative range of Agriculture Bio-Products.

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